Policies / Procedures

Play Safe.  Play Fair.  Have Fun. 

We want everyone at In-Bounds Training Center to have a positive experience.

One of our goals at In-Bounds Training Center is to provide every person with a positive experience, in order to ensure a competitive and fun atmosphere, we ask that all participants, coaches, and spectators review and follow our policies and procedures in addition to exercising good old common sense.

Food, beverages (other than water or sports drinks), gum, Styrofoam or open-containers (non-secure lids) are not allowed on the court.


All participants must have a signed waiver on file in order to participate. Food, beverages (other than water or sports drinks), gum, Styrofoam or open-containers (non-secure lids) are not allowed on the sports floor.

Dress Code: 

    • All participants will need to bring shoes to wear, NO SHOES THAT ARE WORN OUTSIDE WILL BE ALLOWED on the court. Only non-marking athletics footwear is allowed.  Open-toe shoes are not permitted.
    • No clothing will be allowed that advertises, depicts, or promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco products, firearms, gang affiliation/activity, profanity, violence, pornography or other inappropriate material. 
    • Clothing and/or accessories that can cause damage to the facility and/or harm to the individual and/or other participants are not permitted.

Be On Your Best Behavior: 

    • Anyone using inappropriate language or behaving offensively will be asked to leave the facility. Spitting on floor or in drinking fountains is not permitted. Participants under the age of 18 are the responsibility of their legal guardian or coach. Participants, coaches, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the boundaries of sportsmanship and fair play as well as within the rules, policies and procedures of In-Bounds Training Center.
    • Participants and coaches are expected to clean up after themselves. Please dispose of all trash in the proper receptacles. 


    • Teams, clubs and leagues are welcome to train at the facility but must provide proof of insurance. If you are not associated with a club, team or league, you must sign our waiver


You are welcome to train at In-Bounds on your own or with a trainer. In order to train at this facility, both you and your trainer must have a signed waiver on file.